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Here I'm playing around with makeup for my male cosplay characters.
January 1, 2008:

I was very cautious on my first attempt. You can see the slight haze that I tried to work in along the beardline, but only barely. I've done a few other things along with that to try and make the face more masculine. Btw, my cheeks are red because the wine was good. I did not use blush.
August 8, 2008:
I played some more. This time I was less hesitant with the blue shading the beardline.
August 25, 2008:
After my second attempt, two of my live journal friends gave me some very good advice.

Katie recommended a book: Stage Makeup, by Richard Corson, a very good resourse. I found an eighth edition copy at for eight dollars.

Judy recommended a stipple sponge to help apply the beard shading...

Thank you for the wonderful suggestions. :)

When the book came, I was thrilled... It had tips on all kinds of things I'm trying to achieve.

So, before DC 2008, I've one last chance to play with makeup... I took photos as I went.

I should have taken a photo before I started, but I didn't. Oops. Maybe I'll take one after I wash. I'm using Ben Nye Costume makeup...

Here I've applied highlight and shadow to areas I wanted to strengthen or subdue. My goal was a strong jaw line, the illusion of a more narrow nose, higher brow. These areas were highlighted. To elongate the face I added shadow at the temples. Then I shaded beneath the cheekbones, and slightly over them towards the back, for more an illusion of more angular features. After that, I added shadow to some of the natural creases around my mouth and below it. It is not yet entirely blended, so you can see what I've done.
Above I have blended the highlights and shadow in with the foundation. Then I added eye makeup, penciled in some brows, thickened them by adding hair gel, and brushed them upwards. After that I added a touch of color on the inside of the lips.
Next, I trimmed the stipple spunge into a nice curved shape, dipped it in some Charcoal Blue creme makeup, and dapped it along my jawline and upper lip.
I applied powder to set the makeup.
I put in Julien's contacts. Or Ringo's. Or Elrond's. Then I posed about and took a few photos...

Then, I put on Julien's new wig. And took Lots of photos, playing with poses, and getting different angles with the camera.
Hmmm. Maybe a few profiles would be nice...
Do you want something?
How about some drama?
I was posing like Rob Ashton in this inspiring photo... I just couldn't help it.
I want to try on Ringo's wig before I take this off... and attempt to trim his 'stache... but it's gotten mightly late. I may start over in the morning... More to come!

August 26, 2008:
Ringo work:
I have not been able to get to Ringo's makeup, but I have trimmed his mustache. I did it after attaching it to my face, and then, well, there was hair everywhere... But I wanted to do it there rather than on the wig form.

I had to take it off and wash up, so then I pinned it to the wig form and continued. I took a little scrap to make that tiny goat-tee or whatever that Ringo has on his lower lip. After I was finished, I styled the 'stache with hair gel.

Here's the 'stache with the wig on the wig form:
August 26, 2008:

I've added this photo to the right as a "Before" photo. My is entirely bare of makeup.

Here you can clearly see how the highlights and shadows that I applied in the right photo have changed the contour of my face.