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March 30, 2007:
I have the pleasure and honor to be revisiting an old but beloved project, and recreating Eowyn's Shieldmaiden Gown yet again.  This time, for a friend:  Mlledefer.   I hope I will have some improvements to my first attempt.  This page will be my log for this project.

Below I have two photos of the brown cotton velvet I'm using for the cincher and the vest.
Next to that is one possible white silk jacquard, but I'm not sure if I'm able to procure enough for the project.  I am looking into that now.

Turns out, I was unable to aquire enough of this silk pictured with the brown velvet below.

These are two possible alternatives to the white jacquard above.  The first one is a simple crinkled silk, the same kind I used on my Prince Ali Turban... The second is a cream paisley, but not crinkled.  I think the cream shade would be lovely.
May 5, 2007:

Mledeffer chose the simple crinkled silk pictured above to the left.  The brown velvet has been pre-washed, and the quilting is well underway.  Here are some progress photos of the quilting of the cincher and the vest:
The reams of white silk fabric have been pre-washed, and wait to be ironed.  ;D
June 6, 2007:
The quilting of the main pieces of the cincher and the vest is finished.
Both the white silks have been ironed.

June 7, 2007:
I've draped a muslin for the cincher and the vest; here are a few photos.

June 8, 2007:
The chemise has been cut out.
June 9, 2007:
June 15, 2007:
I have cut out the skirt panels, and they are now hanging, and relaxing, on the dress form...
June 20, 2007:
Today was a busy day for the chemise!  I put in the bias around the neckline, and embroidered over it with gold thread.  Then I started constructing the bodice, made the gathers, and set in the upper sleeves, and french seamed the side seams... and rolled-hemmed the lower sleeves, not yet sewn in...  A few photos...
July 7, 2007:

The skirt has come a long way;  The waist band is ready,  the panels are french seamed together, and the gathers are in.  I haven't taken any photos yet, but I will once the skirts are sewn into the wais band... In the meantime, the lower sleeves are pinned on and ready to be sewn into the chemise... Currently, I'm crocheting the trim braid used to tie the sleeves... after much experimentation to get the right look.  Here are a few photos:

July 17, 2007:
The skirt and chemise are nearly completed.  There are a few internal things that need to be finished, but... Now is time for pictures!
This dress has no train for Seuss to sit on, but he's Loving the crocheted strands in the sleeves... Such a funny kitty...
October 19, 2007:
After a long pause, I have progress photos to share.  The cincher is close to finished.  I am currently sewing in the binding strip along the top, (already in...) and the bottom.  Then I need to hand stich this strip to the lining layer on the inside.

I really like the shape of the cincher.   It evolved from my original.  I think it's better.  Just in my humble opinion.  ;)
December 19, 2007:  The Cincher was finished in mid November.  I have finally uploaded some photos of it...
On my monitor, the top photo best shows how the colors look in real life...  I used the flash below, so you can see some of the details of the embroidery.
Here below, photos of the lining...
January 3, 2008:
The vest is almost finished; I have yet to bind the bottom hem.  Here are some photos:
February 25, 2007:  The Dress is finished! Here are the final photos.
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