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August 16, 2005... After having great fun photographing the Arch the day before, we went ahead and took photos while I wore my Mirkwood Elf Gown, an original gown of my own, inspired by gowns seen in The Lord of the Rings.... I thank God for the gift...

Photos were taken at Big Cedar Lodge on August 12, 2005, by Eric and Philipp... Thanks guys for being my photographers!

This gown likens to Galadriel's Prologue Gown, and Arwen's Bridge Dress...  My construction pages for the gown and cloak are linked here to the right side of the bar...

So, again, here they are!
Link to Mirkwood Elf Gown Construction
Link to Mirkwood Elf Cloak Construction Page
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Peter Jackson's visualization of The Lord of the Rings woke my latent passion for costuming and inspired me to learn to sew.

This page and its links reflect my best efforts in Lord of the Rings costuming.

Projects linking to their own pages are featured here. Click the links in the navigation bar to visit the individual pages, or scroll further below to the image links and see a quick overview of the costumes.
Mirkwood Elf Gown
An Inspired Project

Welcome to Yvette's                            
Nearly ten years ago I set out to teach myself to sew, so that I could create inspired costumes such as those featured on my site.

I created this site  to share what I've done. It launched August 18, 2004, and has been growing ever-since.

In addition to costume construction pages, there are pages featuring portraits of the costumes being worn.

Costuming is a hobby I love documenting, but I do not do commissions, nor do I sell patterns.

Please visit where your interests lead you, and enjoy.
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