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January 9, 2006...  

Here, I'll log my construction of a Mantle to go with  Eowyn's Green Gown from The Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers...  

The Green Gown is finished, and I have my construction log on tow pages.  The First Construction Page.... and the Second Construction Page...  And I've also just opened my Green Gown Portraits Page...

I decided I wanted to make a corresponding mantle to go with the Green Gown... so I ordered five more yards of the velvet from Exclusive Silks.  It came from a second dye lot, so the shade of green is not exact, but I don't mind that at all.  Actually, it is Very Close in shade to my self-dyed Green Gown lining, described in page one of my Green Gown construction pages... ;)   I'm using a trim I bought from Heritage Trading.  Both Exclusive Silks and Heritage Trading are linked on my Links page... In January 2006, Heritage Trading is closed; they are visiting India currently... ;D

So... The Green Dress, the Dress the Mantle will go with...
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Green Gown Construction Page One...
Green Gown Construction Page Two
Today I cut out three panels of green velvet, and three panels of brown silk jacquard, leftover from Eowyn's Brown Camp Skirt... I thought it was appropriate to use that... ;D 

I'm making a 3/4 circle mantle, 1/2 in the back, and 1/4 toward the front, split into two pie wedges that go on either side...

I needed five yards of each fabric.  The velvet is 52 inches wide, so it goes to just about floor length.  I don't mind that, it doesn't have to train... ;)

The lining is made from less wide fabric, but I just wanted something in there, and it wont be connected at the bottom, just hanging free, so I don't mind that, either... It suits me!

Here are a few photos of the panels hanging  over the Green Gown on my dress form, and the trim draped over that:

February 21, 2006.

After a long time hanging, while I worked on other things, today I finally started sewing the mantle together, and now, the trim is sewn on, and the pieces are sewn together.  All that is left still to do is to even out the inner lining at the bottom... (It grew as it was hanging... ;D)  and then sew the hem.

I'm using Philipp's camera, and just spent the last few moments photoshopping the images, because my scanner wouldn't flip them, so, as my own camera broke, I am forced to learn more about my computer and the software I have.  That is a good thing!

Here are some photos.
February 22, 2006.

I finished the hemming on the mantle this morning, and then took it along with the dress outside for some outdoor photos...
I'm going to Reno this weekend to see my brother get married... and thinking this is what I'll wear to his wedding... :D
Green Gown Portraits Page
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Eowyn's Green Gown Mantle
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