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December 31, 2006:

I have started construction of my first corset, a Victorian Corset, using the Laughing Moon pattern, the Dore version.  

I plan on wearing it underneath my Mina's Green Gown, a project I hope to complete this next year; there is a photo of the original here to the right; there is a Victorian Corset under there... ;D

Today, I began working on my mock up.    If I can manage to fit it well, I will  use the mock-up as a utilitarian corset, until I have more "pretties" made.   I have it assembled as far as I need  to check the first fitting, and so, I have it on, and have taken some photos.  Here's how it's looking:
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As this was just the first fitting, only the busk and the boning on either side of the gromments are in. 


I will want to take it in some, mostly in the upper torso.  I think, given more practice with lacing it up, it will lace up completely, and I won't have any gap at all.  I think there is supposed to be about a two inch gap in the back where it laces. 

I don't get any reduction of waist measure with this one, but still, the silhouette is changed.   I may be able to take in more, but I was only able to lace so far by myself, and I couldn't get the lacing straight, or even. 

I need straight steel boning for the back, on each side of the grommets.  All I have at the moment is spiral steel, and it is too bendy in the back there. 

I have the side back panels in on the wrong sides.

December 31, 2006:

Lisa helped me with the laces, and I had the corset on again, and she took photos.  It does in fact lace up nearly completely, and I think it would close all the way, except that she didn't want to pull any more.  I will cut our a second mock up next, and go one size smaller.  This should make a gap of about 2.5 inches up the back.  Here are the photos we took after Lisa laced me up.  I'm wearing a chemise I made a long time ago to go under another gown I have never posted photos of, along with a cotton version of Eowyn's Shieldmaiden Skirt.
January 1, 2007:

I will be cutting out a mock up one size smaller, to get the 2.5 inch span up the back between the laces.  I may also try grading in a tweak at the waist, for more reduction.   The corset is comfortable.  :D

January 4, 2007:

I opted to just start on the black one, going one size smaller.  I think I'm achieving a three inch reduction in the waist.  I can't lace it very well on my own, and the back laces are not lined up well. Even with one size smaller, the back laces still leave just a one inch gap.  I think I've laced it too tight at the hips.  I'll try taking in the waist a bit at a time...

Photos of how it looks:
So, I don't think I want to take in anything from the top or bottom, but I will try taking in at the waist a little at a time.   However, I think it will eventually close all the way, and this could make it too big?  I don't know. 
Something else I want to try with the lacing... Going from the top down to the waist, tying off; and with a second set of laces, going from the bottom to the waist, and tying off.  Maybe I can tie it better, then... I don't know that, either... but it's something I will try. 

January 8, 2007:

I have taken in the waist of the corset a little, and let out a bit in the hips.   And, I've started tying differently, and it is easier. 

I have not yet started adding boning channels, as I've taken a slight detour with sewing the black petticoat. 
Tonight, I also started on the chemise, using the Laughing Moon pattern, and so far, have the yoke completed.  Here are some progress photos on the squishy dress form I recently acquired.
January 9, 2007:

Today I put the boning channels in the corset, and embroidered the neckline of the chemise yoke.  Here are a few photos.   
January 12, 2006: 

I have completed the chemise, and the corset is also finished.  Here follow pictures of the pieces, first showing the chemise alone, then, with the skirt over it, and finally, the chemise, with the skirt, and the corset on top...  I've also taken a photo of the inside of the corset, although it's not really beautiful, or anything... ;)

Corset Inside:
The Chemise:
The Chemise with the Skirt/Petticoat:
The Corset:
Playing with the skirt, just for fun...
I know I'll be wanting to make a bustle, and a swag... and and and...
Corset Close-Ups...
I have enough black fabric that I used in the corset to make a swag, I think.  I'll be doing this, draping it on my own. 

I also want to make something like a tailed bodice, with pleats. 

And, of course, I want to use this as the basis for my Mina's dark gown, a gown  I  hope to be doing this year.

Now that I have the underthings, there will be many avenues of costuming exploration...

Here are a few photos of my fabric draping... I think I'll do something like this:
Victorian Gown Construction
January 16, 2007:

I've opened a new page to log construction of an inspired Victorian Ball Gown.  Click the link to visit. 
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