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August 13,  2006.

Elrond: "Your hands are cold; the life of the Eldar is leaving you..."

We have returned from a trip to San Antonio, where I had the opportunity to walk the River Walk in my Blood Red Gown, my recreated version of Arwen's Blood Red Gown, or Dying Dress, seen in The Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King.

I thank the Lord for His love, and the gift He has given me.

I also thank my wonderful husband, Eric, and my beautiful son Philipp, for being my patient photographers...

The camera had a mind of it's own, and I think it is dying, and having trouble photographing crisply, but in spite of that, I think we achieved some good images of the gown...

Enjoy, and thank you for visiting... !
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Thank you for visiting!
The Dress
My Blood Red Gown Construction Page...
More Portraits, the first set:
Taken on the San Antonio River Walk in Summer 2006:
This is Eric, my beloved husband, and one of my patient photographers...
Peter Jackson's visualization of The Lord of the Rings woke my latent passion for costuming and inspired me to learn to sew.

This page and its links reflect my best efforts in Lord of the Rings costuming.

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Arwen's Blood Red Gown

Welcome to Yvette's                            
Nearly ten years ago I set out to teach myself to sew, so that I could create inspired costumes such as those featured on my site.

I created this site  to share what I've done. It launched August 18, 2004, and has been growing ever-since.

In addition to costume construction pages, there are pages featuring portraits of the costumes being worn.

Costuming is a hobby I love documenting, but I do not do commissions, nor do I sell patterns.

Please visit where your interests lead you, and enjoy.
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The Portraits:
Taken at Dragon*Con 2006: